About the Firm

Mobility Legal is a small law firm specializing in issues affecting employment relationships between technology companies and their employees. The firm’s core practice focuses on employee mobility issues (non-compete agreements, trade secrets, employee raiding, invention assignment rights, non-solicitation obligations, etc.) and general business and employment disputes. The firm also advises individual executives and founders concerning their fiduciary obligations and employment rights. While the firm often files and defends lawsuits on these issues, corporate and individual clients frequently engage Dave for counseling and guidance geared towards minimizing the risks, costs, and distraction associated with litigation. Dave’s tactical yet collegial approach to practicing law consistently produces exceptional results for his clients, who—based on the steady stream of referrals they provide—recognize the overall value his more focused business model brings to the table.


Dave expertly and efficiently handled our IP, employment, and litigation matters from the time I co-founded my company through our acquisition in late 2012. Extremely bright, responsive, and trustworthy, Dave has also worked seamlessly with our corporate counsel on complex business negotiations.  He consistently exceeds my expectations and I always look forward to working with him.

Kelly Forese, CEO, Registria

Dave has handled employment and litigation matters for my companies since 2005 and has consistently led us down the most efficient path to resolution. His knack for diffusing conflict and bringing our opponents down to earth has resulted in the least possible distraction and dollar investment for my companies. Dave’s a great guy to work with and gets my highest recommendation.

Doug Mack, CEO, One Kings Lane